Post -Surgical rehabilitation

Post -Surgical rehabilitation

The success of your surgery doesn’t finish that moment you leave the surgical room. You will have to do some work in the form of exercise to improve the outcome of the surgery. You will require exercise progression to fully regain your strength, flexibility, and function. At physiofirst physiotherapy, we are happy to assist you in your post-surgical rehabilitation.

Common surgeries requiring postoperative rehabilitation are:

Shoulder – Rotator cuff repair, Acromioplasty, shoulder reconstruction, Capsulotomy, fracture.

Wrist and Hand- Carpal tunnel release, fracture and tendon repairs

Hip-Hip replacements, Hip labral repair, Fracture

Knee-Knee replacements, ACL and ligament reconstruction, Meniscal Repairs

Calf -Achilles Tendon Repairs

Ankle and Foot-Ankle Reconstruction, ligament repair, fracture